RCX (1) - Room climate controller

RCX is the controller used in room climate control unit DCV-RC. It controls room climate in a manner that minimizes energy use. It is a flexible controller that can be configured to manage:

  • Supply or extract air flow
  • Room temperature
  • Connections for a number of external sensors.
  • Lighting by creating lighting zones.
  • Additional cooling and heating in sequence. 
  • An included temperature sensor for duct assembly.

RCX is installed together with Lindinvent´s reactive ceiling supply air diffusers, but also functions with other diffusers, although with lower energy saving potential. The system makes it possible to exploit the cooling capacity of outdoor air rather than using chilled beams. Additional room heating and cooling can be managed by the controller. Energy use can be reduced by 60% relative to CAV systems with chilled beams. RCX controls variable supply and extract air flows with great accuracy within the interval 0.2 - 6 m/s or up to 135 l/s per diffuser at a noise level of 30 dB(A).

The controller is intended for larger rooms, with several diffusers working together, such as training rooms, conference rooms, open plan offices, entrance halls etc.

RCX maintains the set room temperature, primarily by controlling supply air flows, based on occupancy, temperature or the requested level of maximum carbon dioxide in the extract air.

By positioning temperature sensors in ducts, careful measurements of variations in temperatures are obtained.

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