FCL (1) - Fume cupboard controller

FCL replaces FCC (PB to be updated)

FCL guarantees a safe work environment by maintaining the correct air speed in the fume cupboard's hatch opening regardless of the opening height of the hatch (beneath marked safety height).

FCL quickly and accurately regulates, via a damper actuator, the air speed in the fume cupboard's hatch opening to 0.5 m/s. The accompanying measurement probe for air speed is installed inside the fume cupboard and the hose is attached to FCL, which has an internal air speed sensor.

The electrical interlocking contactor EFK can be connected to FCL. The contactor can interrupt power supply to electrical outlets after an adjustable time from detected low air speed rates. This feature will avoid increased risk of explosions during handling of flammable substances.

In addition to normal operating mode, you can select either emergency or save mode via the connected monitor. In emergency mode, the air speed is increased and acoustic and optical alarms are activated. In save mode, the air speed is decreased and an optical alarm is activated before the FCL returns to normal operation after an adjustable time.

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